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Binance Futures Trading Strategy With Just 25$
Today i am here to Give a good strategy to all those who are beginners and those with very low Amount to trade with.
This is my personal experience and ਜਦ ਬੈਨੈਂਸ gif this is how i made a comeback with just 25$ in binance cryptocurrency exchange Futures Account.
As everyone Knows the Crypto Market it self is very Volatile. So there is very good chance you can make some quick bucks and very high chance that you can blow all in a single trade.
So, here i am going to tell you how you can be on Positive site of the Profit/Loss.
Need a Binance account, can sign up-https://www.binance cryptocurrency Minimum amount needed $50 $25 in Binance futures and $25 in Spot (For risk Control) leverage for every coin should be between 30 to 40x not more than this. use BNB as fee if you have some extra change By using my link to sign up you will be getting back 20% of your trading fee back to your account. This a re the requirements.
First and the Most important thing is you have to find the direction of Bitcoin Because it is Big Dad.
Once you got to know the Direction either BTC going UP or DOWN your trading is going to be in that direction.
As of writing this article BITCOIN is moving Downward direction, so we are going to use downward momentum as an example.
In Binance app go to markets option and select Futures and if you touch on 24hr change you can get all the futures that has been up since 24hr.
Now take a look at all the top gainers and check out the charts on 5min candle and 15 minutes candle and check weather a coin has been up drastically in this charts and if you find one keep that on watch and let it make its highs and once you see the price getting reversed or בינאַנס באַצאָלן selling started open a SHORT Position with total of $0.5 position. And hvor lang tid tar binanceverifisering keep watching the BTC price and your position.
Most probably the chance is your open position will be in positive and take profits when your p/l hits the $0.5.
You can close your position entirely or partially and let your profits run.
This will work good if Btc going down.
And the same thing is Vice versa. For long position.
Risk Management.
If your Trade goes against you, where 50% of time this will happen. Try to add more to your position by waiting at least 5% change in the asset price. And while adding to you position try to double the amount so you’re position will be averaged well.
use your extra $25 that are in Spot account only at extreme cases.
Best thing about futures is you can hedge you trade. That is if your trade is going against you can open the trade in other way. So you can add profit in the opposite side of you position too and vice versa.image

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